How it works

Green Power lighting control units are designed to control your HID lighting and maintain a safer grow room.

They absorb the electrical power surges which occur every time your HID lights turn on, so that these surges never reach your timer.

'Did you know?'

Huge power surges which occur when HID lighting is switched on can cause the timer elements to fuse together becoming damaged and potentially hazardous. Using a Green Power lighting control unit prevents this damage from occurring.

A safer choice

All Green Power contactors and timers have been designed to help you to maintain a safe grow room. There are no trailing sockets, the plugs are moulded, the units can be hung from a tent or screwed to the wall and the back plate is galvanised and riveted on to the unit.

Key Features:

  • Built to Canatronics exacting standards under licence
    – known for many years as the benchmark in quality and reliability
  • Heavy duty build with internal wiring
  • Switchable sockets
  • World renowned professional Grasslin timer
  • Built to strict C.E. standards
  • Rubberised HO7RNF cable resistant to light ray degradation
  • Robust metal housing
  • 2 year manufacturer's warranty
Green Power Contactors
  Ballast wattage    
 250W400W600W1000W Auxiliary Sockets Maximum Load
Hobby 2 Way Relay Timer2221   1200 watts
Hobby 5 Way Relay Timer2221 1 1200 watts
Professional 2 Way Contactor Timer2222   2000 watts
Professional 4 Way Contactor Timer4442   4000 watts
Professional 6 Way Contactor Timer6664   4000 watts
Professional 8 Way Contactor Timer8874   4200 watts
Commercial 12 Way Contactor Timer1212127 4 7200 watts
Commercial 16 Way Contactor Timer 16 16 16 9   9600 watts
Commercial 24 Way Contactor Timer 24 24 24 14 4 14400 watts
Commercial 28 Way Contactor Timer 28 28 28 16   16800 watts